Announcement on the beginning of applications for the 2012-2013 summer semester

April 3rd, 2013


We would like to kindly inform you that the summer semester for the 2012-2013academic years will be opened for undergraduate courses according to the followed academic calendar.

Important dates for the summer semester:

April 15-26            Pre-enrollment for Summer Semester

May 6                     Announcement of the courses to be opened in the Summer Semester

May 7-17               Course Registration and Tuition Fees (for Summer Semester)

June 17                 Summer Semester Start

July 20                   End of Summer Semester

July 22-26             Final Examination Period of Summer Semester


Interested students can apply for enrolment at the 2012-2013 summer semesters at the Registrar’s Office.

Please note that for a course to be opened; at least 5 students are required to be enrolled in the said course.

Only “Summer Practice” courses to be opened at the 2012- 2013 summer semester are not subject to the minimum quota of 5 registrations.

The summer semester fee for the 2012-2013 academic years will be:

  • 30 Euro per ECTS for the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences;
  • 40 Euro per ECTS for the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering;

For any further queries concerning the conduct of the Summer Semester, students can contact the concerned Department and the Dean of Students Office.