ATENAStudio - lecture at EPOKA University

April 1st, 2014

ATENASTUDIO is a research and a design Company based in Rome, working in the fields of architecture
urbanism, landscape and interior design. The studio was established by Marco Sardella and Rossana Atena
in 2005. 
In addition to their professional practice, Rossana Atena and Marco Sardella are deeply acting within the 
academic field holding teaching and research positions at University and Postgraduate Level in Rome and abroad 
ATENASTUDIO has been strongly involved on international level in several design projects and competitions 
with professionalism and thorough knowledge of many aspects conceiving architecture, advanced technologies, 
landscape, urbanism and interior design. Our competencies are constantly being developed through new projects 
and in the meeting with our global collaborators, experts and specialists. 
ATENASTUDIO follows an environmentally sustainable design approach in all projects at both the urban and 
architectural scale. Within this design approach, sustainability and bioclimatic research are not seen as 
independent disciplines but as an integral part of the design process that leads to an environmentally responsible 
Local environmental and ecological conditions are considered as fundamental factors within the design process 
and implemented as strategies for the development of a characteristic urban identity. Recently ATENASTUDIO 
has been invited for a “New Residential and Facilities Masterplan Design Competition” in Wuxi, China (lot 
area:220.000sqm, built area:560.000sqm-on going). 
ATENASTUDIO has experienced research and practice within the international debate throughout large scale 
strategic masterplan, especially in Albania, where we have been commissioned for several development projects, 
some of them under construction, concerning a wide range of intellectual and programmatic aspects within mix 
use programmers for urban development of housing, offices, hotels, tourism, sport, retails, schools, theatres and 
As part of a continuous process of research and academic involvement, ATENASTUDIO has been recognized 
on International level with many architectural lectures and publications (Domus, AMC, House of Steel, 
Architectural Record, Future). 
ATENASTUDIO has received many awards for winning competitions and prizes (2010: 1st Prize and 
procurement of the Restricted competition New Lands Commission Building, Ghana; 1st Prize International 
Competition for the Masterplan, the urban design, Tassullo; 27/37 Awards; Europe 40 under 40 The European 
Centre for Architecture Dublin; 27/37 Awards in Rome ) and had the opportunity to exhibit its work and research 
at various exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Germany and China.