CoRDA operating, the most recent project is the refurbishment of the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

February 12th, 2014

On Friday, February 7th 2014, the first meeting with the Minister Mr. Bushati and the Design Team was held in the venue of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting consisted in presenting the first conceptual ideas on the refurbishment of the office, such as envisioning the atmosphere and designing the corner for receiving the homologues and international delegations; presenting a new functional layout for the working corner of the Minister including the custom designed working table, the shook- shelve; the lighting fixtures, and greenery; reorganizing the area of the meetings, introducing new contemporary meeting table; renovating the service areas etc.

Special attention is paid to the presence and use of elements presenting the Albanian history, tradition and culture, which will enrich the atmosphere of the Minister of Foreign Affairs office.

The design teams consisted of graduated and students of Architecture Department in EPOKA University, coordinated by faculty members.
The Center of Research and Design in Architecture – CoRDA - in Epoka University, is very recently established. It aims to build a bridge between Industry and Academia, contributing to the built environment with expertise and academic research. CoRDA intends to implement design strategies based on interdisciplinary principles, generating integrative design between the user and the designer; and develop projects in all scales from Architecture to Urban /Landscape Design and Planning. One of the main objectives of CoRDA is to facilitate the engagement of architecture students and graduates in the professional practice. One of the very first projects of CoRDA is the Design and Implementation of Social Center and Architecture Department in EPOKA University [2011-2013].