Department Chair

March 26th, 2012

Department Chair

Department Chair

Dear prospective students,

As our award-winning students and graduates well know, the study of architecture and its sub-fields is a great adventure that enables students to pioneer their future and widen their intellectual horizons. The mission of the Department of Architecture at Epoka University is all about going the extra mile to ensure that our students graduate with the skills, aptitudes, and characteristics that will make them into effective contributors to the professions of architecture, construction, urban planning, and interior design. As a Department we make a determined effort to ensure that the curriculum we offer is educationally innovative and professionally relevant. Indeed, the Department is constantly striving to maintain a competitive edge in Albania and the region. Yearly we introduce new courses, which are taught by Albanian and foreign professors.

The opportunities available in our Department enable our students to become top designers and policy makers. We are proud when our students become high achievers and assume leading roles in government, private firms, and the community, because high achievement is an indication of the quality of the work that is performed by staff in the Department. I stress my belief that a willingness to conceive new ideas and to offer new opportunities to students is what makes a Department of Architecture into an education leader. We encourage our students not only to dream about the pursuit of opportunity, but to convert their dreams into reality. It is satisfying to know that, in our Department, nobody is afraid to quest for perfection and excellence. 

Thank you, 

Sokol Dervishi, Assoc. Prof.Dr.

Department of Architecture Chair


About Professor Dervishi

Sokol Dervishi joined Epoka University after tenure as a Senior Scientific Researcher at the Vienna University of Technology, where he also completed his PhD. His areas of expertise include: Building Physics and Urban Physics, Building Performance and Diagnostics, Building Performance Simulation, and Human Ecology. His research, which has been widely published in European and US journals, focuses on urban heat island effects, building envelope systems and technology, fenestration technology, and system control and integration.

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