DHP- Student Competition

June 1st, 2012

DHP- Student Competition

DHP- Student Competition

Architecture / Engineer Student Competition

Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. in cooperation with the Epoka University and Polytechnic University Tirana will organize a Architecture / Engineer Student Competition with the purpose to create physical models for elements of the Devoll Hydropower Project in Albania. This competition briefing documents describes the main characteristics of the competition.

1. Models 

There will be 2 separate competitions:

Competition 1: Dam

Terrain size: approx. 1.200 m x 1.200 m 
Maximum terrain elevation: approx. 150 m 
Model scale: 1:1.000
Main elements: dam, spillway, powerhouse, intake, b
ottom outlet tower and entrance, 
bottom outlet, tail race channel, switchyard, 
transmission lines, bridges, water level/reservoir 
Option elements: roads, trash rack, surge tank, 
see-through to Head Race Tunnel (inside mountain)

Competition 2: Powerhouse and switchyard

Terrain size: approx. 200 m x 200 m 
Maximum terrain elevation: approx. 20-30 m 
Model scale: 1:200 
Main elements: power house, tail race channel (partly), 
switchyard, power house surrounding 
Of each university there shall be 2 groups working in each competition.
The number of students per group shall be 3 – 4.

2. Input material

DHP will provide following input materials to the students

- Overview maps 
- Longitudinal and cross sectional drawings 
- Project brochure

3. Time schedule

Submit input materials to students by Devoll Hydropower Sh.A.

Site visit to Gramsh and Banja dam site 
Presentations (project presentation, dam engineering, architecture) 
Departure: 8.00h from ABA Tower, Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, Tirana 
Return: approx. 18.00h

21.09.2012, 12.00h 
Submission of final model and presentation poster at DHP Office Tirana

Presentation of models and posters by students 
Evaluation and awarding by jury

4. Selection of material

The students are free to choose and select the materials required for making the models. 

5. Deliverables

A. Physical scale model (as mentioned under point 1 – Models)

The aim is to make a realistic physical model of the model subject. The model shall as much as possible reflect the future layout and dimensions of the model components.

B. Presentation poster, size A0

The poster shall present the process of making the model, and can include description, sketches, photos, tools etc.

6. Jury

The jury shall consist of following persons:

- 3 representatives Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. 
- 2 representatives of Polytechnic University 
- 2 representatives of Epoka University