Final Term Reviews - Arch 401

February 10th, 2014

Arch 401/Fall 2013:- Advanced Architectural Design Studio I

Project: Buna River Revitalization Project & the `Museum` as an Urban Catalyst in Shkodra

Instructors: Kamela Guza & Valbona Koçi

Jury members: 

Invited - Ark. Arben Biçoku, Ark-Urb.Eltjana Shkreli, Ark.Ledia Tota. EPOKA Arch. Faculty: Odeta Manahasa, Jurtin Hajro, Fitim Miftari

Shkodra has always had a strong relation to the Water, not only as an available natural resource but also as a factor of economical and cultural exchange. Yet, the relation the city has today with the rivers (both Buna and Kiri), is rather peripheral, distant and not synergic. Thus the project for the “Revitalization of Buna Riverfront” in Shkodra, should aim the following:

1. Create a Riverfront for all.

2. Promote and develop the Buna Riverfront as the focal point for Shkodra throughout all seasons of the year.

3. Put the shoreline and innovative, sustainable design at the forefront.

4. Reconnect the city to its Riverfront.

5. Embrace and celebrate Shkodra`s past, present and future.

6. Improve access and mobility.

7. Create a bold vision that is adaptable over time.

The project was developed in 2 phases: 1) Urban Regeneration of Buna and Drini confluence area and Riverfront Revitalization project, in Shkodra 2) New Museum – as an Urban Catalyst for the City of Shkodra.