From the room to the city. Looking through the window(s)

May 10th, 2014


Instructor: Kamela Guza

This two-day workshop, happening at Epoka University on 5th and 6th of May 2014, involved two groups of children (7-10 years old) coming from MIST – Memorial International School in Tirana.
The aim of this workshop was inviting the children towards a bigger awareness of the spaces they live in; the real, architectural spaces but also the spaces of imagination.


The work consisted in a series of sessions where the children were invited to express their perception, understanding, memories and imagination regarding several “fundamentals” of architecture such as: the window, the view outside the window, the room, the house.
The means of expression were drawings. Pencil drawings or colored ones.
During the work the instructors and also the children’s teachers were present, as a guide inside the creative process. One important methodological aspect was that of not interfering with their personal ‘introspective journey’, while at the same time providing assistance and making them feel comfortable.
One interesting step of the workshop was the representation of the ‘personal flying house/castle’. Imagination was the ‘key’ word. The different cultural backgrounds of the children participating was one of the most interesting aspects of the whole process. Each of them personalized his/her flying house with elements that would remind of their family and home land. The houses that appeared in their drawings showed a very colorful world living inside of them and re-connected even from a visual point of view to an idea of archetype as a guiding principle of modern psychology, but not only… It is important to remember that the word architecture (archè + techné) hold the idea of the archetype, as ‘the first model’, the principle that signs the birth of everything.
The results of this workshop could be the beginning of an articulated process, a starting point of a long way in the ‘journey’ of becoming aware of living spaces, an opportunity for children and adults to learn from each-other in a creative way.