Instructor of A.D designs the institutional Logo of ITU- FBE

November 17th, 2013

Instructor of A.D designs the institutional Logo of ITU- FBE

Instructor of A.D designs the institutional Logo of ITU- FBE

The design prepared by Artan Hysa, lecturer and instructor at Epoka University department of Architecture, submitted to the Logo Design Competition for the Institute of Science, Engineering and Technology at Istanbul Technical University, has been selected by the Council of the Institute as the institution official logo.

The competition process consisted of two phases. During the first stage, among many entries by several graduate students of the institute, six proposals have been selected for the final phase. During the last selection phase, a jury consisting of representatives of the Rectors’ Office as well have selected the design submitted by Mr. Hysa as the one to be used as the institutional Logo of FBE- ITU.
Referring to the jury report some of the selection criteria can be listed as follows;

  • Originality of the idea
  • Institutional relation between ITU and FBE
  • The flexibility to transfer to different IT mediums
  • Simplicity
  • Graphical quality

Shortly about the selected Logo:

Referring to the author of the proposal, the design aims to become a graphical identity of the institution by embarking its unique properties. The hexagon and the colors used, are selected as the identical properties of Istanbul Technical University. Whereas the graphical production methodology used throughout the process is strongly related with two vital characteristics of Scientific Research practice happening at the Institute FBE; rationality and ambiguity. The rationality is tended to be expressed by the straight lines and simple shapes. Whereas the ambiguous condition sets on the ‘is that a hexagon or a cube?’ dilemma.

Artan Hysa is currently engaged with his doctoral studies at Istanbul Technical University.

For further details on the proposed design you may visit the gallery in the following.