Open Forum / Fatos Dingo

May 20th, 2013

Culture, nature, unity, diversity, aesthetics, architecture… are some of the words that went through the conversation time during the Open Forum happened on May 20 at Epoka University. Fatos Dingo is an anthropologist and psychologist with a deep knowledge of ancient and contemporary languages. Together with Sophia Chou - an expert of Japanese language and literature – guided us into a journey starting from the ‘human being’ and extending towards those fields of human culture that have to do with ‘aesthetical’ matters.

From the idea of ‘unity’ through the respect of ‘diversities’, from ‘nature’ to ‘culture’ and vice versa; understanding the preciousness of human relationships as a way to future evolution. Architecture entered naturally in this process, since it has always related to people, made for people in respect of their needs and desires. Students who participated showed their interest in interacting and building a dialectical exchange with the guests and the other presents. It was an interesting occasion to discover new ways of thinking and seeing phenomenas, while showing those kinds of paths that have the quality of remaining always wide opened to new developments.