Participation in "Infrastructure and Landscape Design Workshop" / ExpoTunnel

November 15th, 2013

Valbona Koçi - lecturer and Fitim Miftari - research assistant in Architecture Department in Epoka University, participated in"Infrastructure and Landscape Design Workshop" - A dialog between landscape&infrastructure design
by Alberto Bortolotti and Luigi Bartolomei
DA – Department of Architecture
In collaboration with ​ ​DICAM – Department of Civil, Environmental and Material Engineering  - road section​.​
This proposal intends to promote a dialog between landscape &infrastructure design among researchers, teachers, professionals, students and PHD students on key cases, best practices, methods and  innovative design strategies for a better integration between infrastructure and landscape.
This event is a part of ExpoTunnel.organized with the framework of ExpoTunnel.
ExpoTunnel is the showcase dedicated to the world of tunnelling, drilling, mining, underground construction and research. It took place on October17-19, 2013 at Bologna Fairground.
It was an opportunity to meet in a global framework of supply and demand of high technology and its field applications, with the chance to learn new methods, access state-of-the-art techniques and face the world market.Further information on the event can be found on:
The participation in the event / workshop was the outcome of a pier-review process of  the paper proposal. Our project  "DAM-LAKEFRONT PLAZA: Revitalisation of an Agriculture Reservoir Dam in Kashar-Tirana/Albania" was selected as one among three excellent proposals.