San Rocco - Summer School

June 10th, 2014

In Epoka University from 1 to 7 of September will be the San Rocco Summer School, in collaboration with Atelier Albania and Epoka University, Department of Architecture.

The aim of the Summer School is the design of twelve new schools/community centers in the Tirana-Durres area, as an integral part of a much bigger program for boosting the Albanian educational facilities which is being set up by the newly appointed Ministry of Education.

San Rocco Summer School is open to up to 48 International and 9 Albanian participants, who will be selected from among university students, graduates and practicing professionals. The teaching staff will be composed by international professors, local experts and professors of Epoka University.

The final Jury will be organized as public event in the city center. In which is expected  the participation of the follow Institutional Authorities:

Edi Rama (Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania)

Lindita Nikolla (Minister of Education and Sport)

Englantini Gjermeni (Minister for Urban Development and Tourism)

Arbjan Mazniku (Deputy Minister of Education and Sport)

Adelina Greca (Director of National Territorial Planning Agency of Albania)

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