Urban Episodes Walk/ Workshop in Tirana

March 29th, 2012

Urban Episodes Walk/ Workshop in Tirana

Urban Episodes Walk/ Workshop in Tirana

Urban Episodes: call for participation


Urban Episodes is an international project collecting new stories and fresh thoughts on the city. Using an experimental approach to urbanism, we gather literary snapshots in order to provide an alternative portrait of place.

“Special about the project is that every text is linked to a specific site in the urban space, and may tell you something new about a seemingly irrelevant detail. As we explore the pixels, you may get to see the bigger picture.”

Our method includes a walkshop: a workshop combined with a city walk. Participants are first offered a crash course in semiotics, urbanism, and creative writing, before we spread out and start an individual dérive through the city of Tirana. Using a different toolkit, encounters lead to new interpretations and creative analyses of elements within the urban space. After an editing session – including peer review – the final results will be published online.

We invite professionals, graduates, and students in the field of Urban Design, Architecture, human geography or a related field to take part in Urban Episodes: Tirana.

As the event will be part of the extra program of ICAUD, First International Conference on Architecture and Urban Design, participation is free of charge. Please note that the instruction language is English and that participants are expected to attend both sessions planned:

Saturday        April 21 9.45h – Session 1: Walkshop (workshop + city walk)

Sunday          April 22 9.45h – Session 2: Peer review

(optional: Saturday April 21 20.00h – additional city walk)

Due to limited capacity of the workshop, we recommend to sign up in advance if you want to ensure participation. Please send an e-mail including your name and profession to Artan Hysa, ahysa@epoka.edu.al, as ICAUD organizing committee member.

On our website, you can read stories from Tallinn (EST) and Scheveningen (NL). Should you have any questions left, please contact us via e-mail.


Tom van Nuenen – editor

Nathan de Groot – coordinator